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A spectacular environment surrounded by trees and fresh air in the vacational area, ideal for ski! High quality materials and style in 10,312 square feet. This deShow property is located in a ski influenced area. Eureka has a large entrance garage. It has 9 spacious bedrooms and 9.5 custom bathrooms, kitchens with granite countertops, heating system, electric generator, central air and alarm system. Additional office room, interior laundry, theater, storage space, electric room and swimming pond surrounded by stone landscaping. Floors in hardwood, tiles and carpets, double glaze windows and ceilings in cedar wood. This property has a spacious second unit for guests with garage space for three vehicles.
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Plymouth City, Windsor County, Vermont
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Rooms 5+
Bath 5+
Area 10,312 S.F.
Type House
Region United States
Location Plymouth - Vermont
Price $1,950,000
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Phone 787-706-6102
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